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Our church is focused on helping "regular folks" (like all of us) realize WHY they were born in the first place, to encourage those who are struggling in life's JOURNEY and provide ANSWERS to life's challenges. We, like you, are trying to play with the cards we've been dealt. We're asking the same questions, searching for the same answers, struggling with the same issues. We live in the same community and deal with the same problems. We're concerned about our futures and our finances, our families and our friends...the stuff of everyday life.

Our services are highlighted with the sounds of drums, an organ, keyboard, bass guitar, as well as worship music and singing. I, John Carver, III, teach in a practical and many times humorous way to show God's hand in life's situations, and to challenge people to fulfill their purpose in life. We just want to LOVE PEOPLE!!

So before you write church off completely, give our church a chance to change your mind. We realize you could do a hundred other things on a Sunday morning. So can we. But we've found a community of people who are willing to be real with us, to walk with us, to support us and to come together for a journey that's anything but "usual".

Currently, Pastor John (PJ) makes his office in Westminster Maryland.

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I Believe in YOU

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PJ with his family

Learn more about PJ & his wife Tammy and their adoption of 6 kids.


Faith Outreach Chapel
1713 Rittenhouse Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21227
Sunday - 10:00 AM
Friday - 7:30 PM