Pastor John Carver, III

Pastor John Carver, III.

Pastor John Carver, III, more affectionately known as PJ, has been pastoring Faith Outreach Chapel in Baltimore, Maryland, since April 1994. His passion is to see the members of the congregation lay aside all their fears, hindrances, and inhibitions and simply "do" whatever it is that they feel they are born to accomplish. Not everyone is "chosen" to preach, but all Christians are "chosen" to do something in this life, whether it is in business, medicine, law, homemaking, teaching, etc. By utilizing life-changing stories and illustrations, Pastor John delivers Bible-centered sermons that create a personable picture in the minds of the congregation. These "word pictures" impact the listeners with lasting impressions of the Word of God that can be applied to their daily lives. In his unique manner, he attempts to motivate the church to share the "good news" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He has done for them. Pastor John encourages individuals to become leaders in their homes, on their jobs, and in their communities by having a servant's heart and by giving 110% of themselves in attempting to reach those in need.

Pastor John is married to his best friend, Tammy Carver. In 1998, after ten years of infertility, John and Tammy were attracted to a Christian adoption agency. They now have adopted six beautiful children - four from St. Petersburg, Russia and two from Minsk, Belarus. After going to Russia several times and visiting many "Baby Houses," supporting adoption has become one of Pastor John's passions and is also an active ministry of Faith Outreach Chapel. Pastor John is now the East Coast representative for the Nightlight Christian Adoptions, which is headquartered in Fullerton, California. He and his wife hold seminars for those who may be interested in adoption, and they also encourage and advise couples who have already adopted.

Outside of the ministry, Pastor John is a business owner. In fact, he owns several businesses ( This position has proven to be very beneficial in aiding him to reach out to those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He visits countless "older" members of society, with whom he has had the opportunity to share the "good news" of Jesus Christ. Many times he has even had the privilege of praying with them.

Pastor John Carver, III.

Although Pastor John wears many "hats," he is never too busy to spend quality time with his family. He loves playing with his children and taking them to places that they enjoy. One thing special about Pastor John and his wife, Tammy, is that, even though they have six children, they take special time with each child individually, so that each one feels important. It's awesome to hear the excitement in the child's voice, when he or she says, "I went shopping today with Mommy," or "I went to lunch with daddy. It was just me and Daddy!" Pastor John is always doing something to bring a smile to the faces of his children and his wife.

Aside from everything else, however, the focal point of Pastor John's ministry is to see every person with whom he comes in contact fulfill his or her "calling." He sincerely believes that if each individual fulfills his or her purpose in life, the kingdom of God and society in general would benefit, the person's self-esteem would improve, and the world, as a whole, would be a better place to live.